a very difficult man

Blush: This is a suggestive romance (loves scenes are not graphic)

Catherine Thurston accepts the position as a paid companion to a young person injured in a riding accident. She has never had to earn her living but her father’s untimely death and her mother’s spendthrift ways have forced her to seek employment. Engaged by Lady Glenmore and paid three months wages in advance, Catherine assumed her charge would be a young lady like herself and is shocked to learn her charge is Lady Glenmore’s son, Richard, Lord Glenmore, who was badly injured during the Crimean War.

Richard does not want a companion, male or female, and determines to get rid of Catherine. Unable to repay her wages, she has to cope with this very difficult man who lives like a hermit in darkened rooms.

Catherine’s fiery outburst that he was wasting his life shakes Richard from his self-imposed exile. She’d tolerated his ill humor and bad manners until she’d cracked the shell around his heart but he couldn’t love her. He was betrothed to another.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere as Lady Companion in 2000.

War wounds. And often the wounds are internal as well as visible. Alas, war never seems to go away, so a story of struggle, understanding and the triumph of healing love has eternal impact.
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Jo Beverley
Best selling Author

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