Friends and acquaintances have asked how I began writing romance novels when I was in my late seventies?  I wrote my non-fiction book, THE HOUSE AT BRIDAL VEIL (available at ABE books or as used books.) It’s a very interesting history about four nuns belonging to The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, all professionally qualified as teachers, dieticians, engineers and one with building experience.

How I met them is an interesting story that will take too long for me to tell right now. If you want to know, leave a comment. I did a lot of interviewing to find all the people who had lived in the run down mansion the Sisters hope to buy for their Mother House. It was built in 1917. Elegant, graceful inside and out in a glorious setting, a large heated swimming pool. It was a wreck.

There’s a little bit of the House at Bridal Veil. Seek out a used copy of the book. It really is a wonderful story of how the four nuns, through hard, hard work, brought the run down old mansion back to life. Much work still to be down. It was a start.

There I was. I’d never written a book. I had a computer and printer and looked around book stores to see what was selling. ROMANCE NOVELS, of course. I had never read one. I picked up a Harlequin romance, read it and decided I could do that.

I sent off the first three chapters and waited for the mail to tell me my story was excellent and offered me a contract. Of course, I was rejected. Humbly I began to go to writing workshops, I joined the Romance Writers of America. I went to conferences all over the States. My writing was critiqued and found wanting.

I soldiered on until the magical day when Ellora’s Cave offered me a contract to publish, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, as an  e-book. E-publishing was very new at the time but I jumped at the chance. And the rest is history. I was thrilled to have my five romance novels published in e-format and now they are available in trade paperback. Do have a look at ISABELLE, the latest of my books in print.

That’s part of my life story. I’m continuing to write and hoping, hoping, hoping to have, “A GHOST WRITER MYSTERY, find its way into print. E-published or book format. I’ll accept whatever is offered.