I’m a Weaver of Tales now instead of writing a Journal. It won’t make a bit of differences since I’m not sure a single living soul reads my deathless prose. Ah well, I must struggle on and hope that one bright morning someone will comment on my writing.

It’s been pouring rain all day. The sky is breaking up in the south west so it might clear. I need a breath or two of fresh air and a long walk to loosen up my ancient knees. They enjoy walking and so do I.

About Steven Johnson’s book. “Where Good Ideas Come From,” and the meaning of “the adjacent possible.”¬† I won’t begin to explain it, you must read the book, but … I’m leaping now into my meaning, “The adjacent possible,” is to take what has gone before, twist and turn it a bit, and create something new as did the brilliant young man (whose name escapes me) who cobbled together FACE BOOK and made himself into a millionaire. Social media builds on “the adjacent possible,” and develops Twitter, and how about Steve Jobs? The I-Phone, the I-Pad, etc. I do not own either but I do have¬† a Kindle.

What are you reading? I am well into Eleanor Catton’s book, THE LUMINARIES. I have a problem with it. It is physically a heavy book, about two inches thick, I can’t hold it like a paper back. If I put it on my lap I have to bend my back slightly to read it. Not good for my ancient bones. I put a small pillow on my lap and rested the book on it but that doesn’t work. It’s like having an extra blanket and who needs that when it’s not perishing cold.

Any brilliant ideas? Do send them to me.

About “the adjacent possible.” (I can’t seem to leave it alone) After writing romance novels I have started writing mysteries. Why now? And why now when I am well into my ancient years? What prompted the change? I can’t write romance novels at my age so what do do? An interesting character floated into my writing brain. What to do with it? I needed a secondary character to complement the first one. The story fell into place and became, The Ghost Writer Mystery. I am writing a second book in the series. I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog. I repeat myself to keep the story spinning.

My book “ISABELLE,” is available in trade paper back now. Two romance novels in one book. Try my other books, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN, RING AROUND THE MOON, TOO YOUNG TO DIE. Enjoyable reads.