This is a short note. Did anyone read my Christmas story on my last post? Writing it brought back so many memories I suggest you write your own Christmas story, good or ill. Some Christmases of which I’ve heard were truly awful when an alcoholic parents goes on a rampage and ruins the holiday.
Let’s not think about that. Bringing back memories is good for your soul.
Did you see the television coverage of a Canadian Forces helicopter rescuing a crane operator clinging to the top end of the crane while a raging fire roared beneath him. It was a truly amazing rescue.

I’m editing my Ghost Writer Mystery. I paid a professional editor to work on my book. She did some work on it but we were at odds on things like “point of view.” Also she thought there was too much going on so I decided it wasn’t worth continuing. I paid her, of course, for her work. I’ll see if I can e-publish it when I finish the edit.

Have a gentle few days before Christmas so you will have lots of energy to enjoy the feast. Unless you are of a different faith. In that caseĀ  enjoy watching your neighbours having a great celebration.

My romance novel ISABELLE is a great gift for a reading lady on your Christmas list. It’s not too late to purchase a copy.

Anita Birt