I have my son and daughter-in-law visiting and have no time to think about my blog. I shall return early next week. In the meantime, we are enjoying terrific weather on southern Vancouver Island. Sunny skies and light breezes. To have my family visiting and to have such perfect weather is a gift.

I am awaiting word from my editor about my mystery novel, A GHOST  WRITER MYSTERY.  I am not an idle person so have started on the next book in the series. Lots of fun. No writing done while I have visitors but the story is working its way in and around my head.

Must go. Do purchase ISABELLE from Ellora’scave.com or book stores in the United States. Elsewhere order it from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or Amazon.ca.UK. You get my two Isabelle stories in one book. A bargain. The cover is beautiful. Check it out at Ellora’sCave.com and search my name, Anita Birt.

Enjoy your day