Anita, Weaver of Tales. Still hell bent on having another book published! Never give up.

Anita who reads too late at night. Her brain is too active to invite sleep. The book in question that did me in last night:  “Where Good Ideas Come From,” by Steven Johnson. I have to think about the content as I read. Johnson is a superb writer and makes reading a real treat. My problem is digesting the content slowly. It all makes wonderful sense as I read but it sneaks up on me and I have to back track to truly understand the meaning of  “the adjacent possible.” It is a concept of the scientist, Stuart Kauffman. Johnson comments. “The phrase captures both the limits and the creative potential of change and innovation.” I shall read the book during the day so I can sleep at night.

I visualized my grey brain networked by blood vessels trying desperately to stay on track by twisting and turning, or whatever brains do when they’re working hard. I pictured my brain blushing red from the effort of understanding what I was feeding into it.

Give your brain a treat and buy “WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM” by Steven Johnson, Published by RIVERHEAD BOOKS, published by the Penguin Group.

Then to add insult to injury I read a book excerpt in The National Post newspaper. Here is the title of the excerpt. “A TORRENT OF WORDS.” It’s from a book by Clive Thomson, “SMARTER THAN YOU THINK.”

Masses of words to read. My little blog has no scandals or corruption to report. There’s stuff in the newspapers about the senate scandal. There’s more about Rob Ford the shameful mayor of Toronto who will not resign. Smoked Crack. Drinking while driving. Alcoholic and won’t go into treatment. Peed in a public place. Smokes weed. It goes on. And he is hugely over weight. Not a pretty sight.

My evening reading will not upset my brain. I’ll find something relaxing. Or maybe there will be something to watch on TV. I’ll have a glass if wine with my dinner and think, but not too hard.,

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