My new web site is coming along. It looks fresh and interesting. Small changes from the old one. I was looking over my site and reading reviews of my books. Loved reading them. Now I really must have a new book to add to the mix. I await word from my editor. She might think … Read More


Much ado about nothing. That’s how I feel about writing in my journal this afternoon. With the sun shining outside I should be walking but I had my granddaughter, her partner and my darling great granddaughter Willa visiting. Willa runs everywhere. She knows the building where I live. Going for lunch? She runs into the … Read More


Confession time! A senior moment struck me dumb while writing about Neil Gaiman’s wonderrful. THE GRAVEYARD BOOK The names of the two ghostly characters who raised the little boy were Mr. and Mrs. Owens. I lived in Wales for many years the names Owens and Lewis were very common. So instead of thinking Owen, I … Read More


 I have changed my title from “note book,” to Journal. Don’t ask. It felt right to make the change. I keep a personal Journal, no earth shaking revelations, no philosophical musings, a simple recounting of my day. I have discovered a new author and am delighted to share him with you. NEIL GAIMAN. I read … Read More


Sad to say my Sitemarker has crashed and I haven’t a clue who is viewing my site or not. I think the problem is related to the work being done on my old web site. I’ll check it out. I’ve had my royalty cheque. A VERY DIFFICULT MAN is doing well but not much doing … Read More


Can’t go out for a walk until the wind dies down and there are no white caps on the sea. There’s a black cloud moving in, could be rain. Definitely not a good time to head out. My brand new web site is being created. I feel like an expectant parent waiting for the web … Read More

ANITA BIRT’S NOTE BOOK and sundry bits and pieces.

The weather has calmed and the sun is struggling to work its way through the clouds. I am pleased to tell you my new web site will be up and running in a week or so. Depends on the work load of the site planners. As  I sent my thoughts to James and Ray who … Read More

Anita Birt’s Note Book

A computer glitch has cut off the first letter of my name on my last blog. To all and sundry, near and far, my name is ANITA BIRT. My romance novels, all five of them, are not a series. Every story is different. Historical, time travel, contemporary and a murder/mystery. However, my not yet published, … Read More

Nita Birt’s Note Book

My goodness, I created a pretty frame for my blog. I wonder why I can’t see it now. It has humming birds humming – quietly. Anna’s Hummers spend the winter on southern Vancouver Island and take off south when the weather warms here. Don’t ask, it doesn’t make sense to me. An interesting article by … Read More

Anita Birt’s Note book

Is it possible to have an attractive frame around a blog? I’ll have to investigate. My blog is not much. I’m not famous. Or beautiful. Or clever. Or inventive. I am who I am for good or ill. I read this in one of the newspapers the other day. “Be gentle with one another’s efforts. … Read More