What a beautiful love story evolved from this former heiress and her charge, a wounded soldier, alienating himself from the world because of his experiences during the Crimean War. A Very Difficult Man is the perfect title for this moving account of two people who are unexpectedly drawn to each other but manage to get their ideas mixed up concerning his fiancé and her involvement with his brother!

Catherine Thurston’s family was wealthy until a couple of years before his death; he lost his ability to reason and then he lost all their money. Against her mother’s will, Catherine sought employment so they could, at least, eat and pay the bills. Lord Richard Glenmore, originally a dynamic, interesting man, returned from the war without his right leg from the knee down and withdrew into his room, refusing any help. He had already caused two male companions to quit; because Catherine had already spent the salary and felt she had no choice but to stay. The first time she saw him, he threw a book at her. She picked it up and threw it back! After that, she read to him from the hallway with the door opened; it was several days before Richard even knew what she looked like. She did not coddle him nor allow him to wallow in self pity!

I was unfamiliar with the author, Ms. Anita Birt; however, I loved her work and intend to seek out any other material she has written. There are many important characters in this story, but each is very important and the way the book was written, it is easy to imagine myself part of the family and understand the makeup of the extensive family and friends. They all make the story so lovingly important so that “Kate” and Richard seem to be the only ones unaware of their attraction to each other. I loved the book! I can, certainly, recommend it heartedly.